Women Alive


Purpose, Transformation, Impact

Who are we?

Women Alive Community – is a community that provides a safe space for supporting and mentoring women navigating diverse life phases. We focus on enlightening women with the knowledge for their spiritual growth, personal transformation, and how to build purpose-centered lives.
We offer unwavering mentoring and spiritual support that results in total transformation, we are committed to guiding every woman to reach her fullest God-given potential and lead a purpose driven and impactful life.
Within the Women Alive Community, we are constantly on a transformational journey to become who God created us to be as we nurture cultivate personal growth, and seek opportunities to impact our community positively. We focus on uplifting, supporting, and equipping every woman to embody the incredible beings that God has created them to be.

Our Mission

Our mission is to help women gain clarity in purpose and direction in life. We empower women with the knowledge needed to live a purpose-driven and impactful life.

We achieve this by providing mentorship and support needed for their growth journey.