Adversity is also known as difficulties or challenges.

I believe that everyone has experienced one challenge or the other in their homes.

Marriage is like an onion, with many layers, each pill you may tear up, but eventually, you stop. You don’t throw it away because you know you need it. You persevere. In the same way, we should be ready to fight for our marriages.

Is that abnormal? No. because remember two different people from different backgrounds and different upbringings coming together to spend their lives together.  There will be friction and misunderstandings.

I believe that if we can identify the reason behind that argument, tension, fights, and misunderstanding, this is a huge stride towards a solution.

As a woman growth and maturity is your ability to know how to pick your battles. When you identify the common triggers then wisdom demands you should focus on how you can work on yourself in that area and better approaches in handling such situations, praying and asking God for wisdom in those situations is one of such ways.

Where there is a marriage with issues, both the man and the woman share the blame for the challenge, it cannot be ultimately one party’s fault.

Many times, we look at everything else except looking inward at ourselves. Make an honest list of those areas that you can improve on yourself.


  • As a woman, you must come to the point where you are ready to fight for your home.
  • You are the voice of reasoning in your home. Use your voice wisely.
  • We can use our God-given authority to intercede for our home, the time you spend talking, nagging, mindless scrolling through social media and complaining you can channel it towards prayers.
  • Stop looking for reasons to divorce, look for reasons to stay together.
  • Make a list of those things you love about your husband and another list of things you do not love about him. What did you discover, which is more? 
  • Turn to God, the creator and institution of marriage.
  • Activate your influence-power.


  • You may have to create times for prayers in your home, asking God to teach you how to be humble and love your husband. Taking authority against the forces of darkness fighting your home.
  • Take care of yourself physically, look attractive for your husband. 
  • Show genuine concern for the things he loves.
  • Show him respect and honor.   He is the head of the home.
  • Stopping taking leadership roles. Example paying bills, taking major decisions.
  • Learn silence, you do not have to respond to everything.
  • Add value to yourself. You are a complete person, your value and identity are not in anyone including your spouse. Take away his name, who will you be? Many women have remained the same as their husbands met them. Your husband goes out and sees women who are improving themselves and come home to a drab wife, that can be a turn-off for some men.
  • Speak what you want over your home.
  • Surround yourself with the right community of women who will encourage you.
  • Read books, listen to messages on tips for a successful marriage, remember it requires you to work it out.
  • You must know who your enemy is, IT IS NOT YOUR HUSBAND. The bible says we wrestle not against flesh and blood. If you want a successful marriage you have to stop treating your husband as the enemy.Rom.6:12.
  • Don’t write off your marriage.
  • With God all things are possible -Matthew 19:26

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