WHAT IS TEMPTATION?   Temptation is the intentional enticement of a person, by some bait.  As long as you are human you are not

Defining yourself simply means knowing who you are, what you stand for, your identity, your values, your rules, and your expectations for

What do I mean by self-sufficient children? These are children who tend to have greater self-esteem, are better able to manage frustration, and are

Self care is an important activity to do every day. Doing so will lead toward a better balance among your dimensions of wellness and lead

Do you feel like your brain is in serious overdrive and like there is so much going on in it?  It is

Everyone’s life is driven by something. What is the driving force in your life? People are driven by deadlines, pressure, painful experiences,

This is simply the process of evaluating yourself honestly. PA as I call it is taking an honest inventory of your life,

The believer in Christ can only reign in life and live the life God has ordained him/her to live if they know

What exactly is self-control? This is the ability to regulate and alter your responses to avoid undesirable behaviors and increase desirable ones