Temptation is the intentional enticement of a person, by some bait. 

As long as you are human you are not above temptation, even Jesus was tempted. Temptation in itself is not the sin, when you fall into it or are defeated by it that is when it becomes a sin.

Many times we as Christians are tempted, and this the devil takes advantage of the areas he knows we are struggling to tempt us. The scriptures that God has given us the power to overcome those temptations, he has made a way of escape for us before we are tempted

The more you focus on something, the stronger it takes a hold on you. So the more you focus on that weakness the stronger it will have a hold over you.

 When temptations call you on the phone, don’t argue with it. Just hang up.

READ 2 Tim 2:22, 1 Corinthians 10:13

 How do you deal with temptation? 

  • You focus your mind on the word of God. You defeat bad thoughts by thinking of something good. 
  • Be ready to open your mouth and speak to those thoughts, because temptation starts with a thought. So kill it by pulling down its stronghold in your mind.
  • Talk about your struggles with a mentor, a spiritual leader, or a godly friend.
  • Stay away from those things that trigger that temptation.
  • Resist the devil using the word of God.
  • Realize your vulnerability and pray about it. Temptation is not a sin on its own. But it becomes a sin when you fall for it.

The Bible says a wise man, a righteous man falls seven times but he gets back up. But do not give room to falling.

You have the power to say no. And even if you fall, do not sit there and be pitiful. Instead realize get back up and keep running.

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