Mentorship Program

Our mentoring program is aimed at providing practical advice, encouragement, and support to women, to enable them to maximize their potentials, manage their lives better and discover their purpose. We walk side by side through the mentoring journey guiding and holding them accountable to their goals for life.

At the end of the mentoring journey, confidence is increased, there is a greater self-awareness, exposure to a new way of thinking, achievement of goals amongst other results.

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Registration information

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Areas of monitoring but not limited

  • Spiritual
  • Relationship
  • Social
  • Work and life balance
  • Home management and organization


My Experience in my mentoring journey was nothing but good, she’s dedicated to her work and has a heart for clients. Blessing was committed to every word she has spoken to me, There was a follow-up to each assignment, I've learned how to balance my work, Home and spiritual life more by what she taught that included making a schedule, Getting my children involved, Spending more time with God and not being hard on myself. Every session was worth it.
Monica C.
This challenge has really impacted me and my home positively. One of the challenges given was to go and anoint my house and pray around my house at night. That night, I stood up to do the challenge and I really felt it was timely because I could feel a strange presence around my house. After anointing the house, I felt peace and could sleep. It's been a blessing to me.
Blessing O.
Thank you so much for your time to put all theses together, may God continually strengthen you in Jesus Name... Amen! The challenge was awesome I learned new things and the one I knew before came in to remembrance. I will surely recommend this to someone. This is a great move that can be improved upon and people can actually pay for membership. You could add some courses to it too. The Lord is your strength Ma!
Osarogue I.