We all have a need for companionship whether we admit it or not. God made man from the beginning to always love companionship, relationship and community. And when that is not there, there is a void, an emptiness, a longing for it.

In life we need true friends, life can be very lonely and tasking when we do it alone. We need someone we can talk to be true to share our pains, joys, journey, plans with, one to pray with, a person we can laugh with, cry with, one who will tell us hard truth about ourselves.

Good and true friends when around will inspire you, pray with you, encourage you, when you feel down and depressed, they can hold you up.
Even though we tend to hold ourselves back because we feel we do not want to be vulnerable, expose our weakness or for whatever reason we know deep down in our alone times we wish there was someone who could have those qualities and play these roles.

Good friendship gives you balance.

We need the right connection with that individual, or group or individuals that will just click and you will know it deep down because you are like minded in many areas; spiritually, mentally, emotionally, socially. It may not be completely perfect, but you just know.

I must not fail to mention Isolation is the devil’s tool to us depressed, down, hopeless and ungrateful. Isolation comes with so many negative emotions that before you know it shows even outwardly in one’s disposition.

The bible says in Prov.18:24 he that must have friends must show himself friendly. So why do life alone, why sit down in quietness and face the challenges that each day may bring, why have those laughs alone, why cry in the secret alone.

True friends may be scarce, but they do exist!

Because this need is very precious it is best to resort to the one who initiated the first type of relationship, GOD. To get the right kind of friends we need to get God involved in our search.

He can give us divine connection that will be beneficial to all facet of our lives

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