Importance of ME time.

Many times, it is quite easy to be carried away by so many demands we must attend to. We have our families, careers, and all the other people in our lives that request our attention. This can be overwhelming and may cause us to never to pause and think that we are the main actors in our movie of life and if we do not pay attention, we may have an early exit from the stage.

As a woman I know it can be quite demanding, I get that a lot from many of my clients who feel that their life is a whack a mole. They feel so disorganized. I will always say one of the first steps to a more organized life is your ability to understand the importance of ME time and have one as part of your daily routine.

ME time is that time where you focus on yourself, doing the thing you love and enjoy in your own space, it may be as little as just laying down and being quiet, intentionally shutting out every thought that you are not the main character in. ME time is an intentional activity. Distractions may want to arise, but you deliberately shut them out.

It is a time when you focus on things that will make you happy and better both for you and the long list of people and activities that are seeking your attention. Whatever you decide to do in that time depends on you but should ultimately better you in one of either way physically, spiritually, emotionally, and socially.


Schedule a block of 15 minutes every day intentionally when you just sit quietly, lay down and relax, take a short walk, listen to a piece of soul music you like, watch or listen to comedy to make you laugh.

Have an amazing day!

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