A woman leads by influence-power and a man rules by position power.

The influence-power is the capacity to influence the character, development, or behavior of someone or something. When you display influence power you build loyalty and trust. And when you gain trust, it is very easy to implement a change.

The position power is executed by command, and it comes with titles. But influence power manifests itself in a very different way. Men are said to be the head of the home, but who rules the home in actual sense? The woman in actual sense

A woman may have a title, but she does not need a title to lead. She has influence, men would have to give a command more than one time to get obedience, but a woman does not have to say anything, only a stare can make the difference of instant obedience.

The influence-power a woman has may be subtle and quiet but has a very powerful effect especially when channeled towards a positive cause.

The fall of man resulted from the serpent interference with influence leadership.

The influence-power is God’s leadership gift to the woman. With it she has a responsibility to use it positively to impact and influence her world.

It is so powerful that it can alter important decisions, grant favor, close or open doors, take the head of men off their shoulders (John the Baptist), cause a man to lose his eyes (samson and Delilah), save a man from destruction (Nabal and his wife Abigail), change laws (Rosa Parks), and so many more.

The influence-power was intended to be used by women for the good of themselves, their families, communities, nations, and the kingdom of God.

She must be aware that it has the potential to harm if not channeled correctly. Also know that with this huge power comes responsibility and accountability.

Use your influence-power to change your world around you. For to whom much is given much is expected.

Note that when God designed woman He had influence in mind, that is why she is an incubator, she receives from the man, incubates, grows, and develops. She never returns what she receives as the same, she always transforms it. Give her a house she turns it into a home, give her a seed, she turns it into a garden. Because of her influence-power.

Utilize your influence-power and impact your environment around you. Make the change when it needs to be made, do not be silent, turn on your influence-power.

Use it to 

Love others unconditionally

Encourage those who are discouraged

Give hope to the hopeless

Call others to take positive action

Speak the truth in love

Inspire others to not give up on themselves

Change your world.

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