Our Program


12-week Transformation Journey
The 12-week Mentoring Program aims to enlighten and support women through a curriculum rooted in biblical principles. It seeks to empower and enhance their spiritual journey with God, uncover their purpose, and nurture personal transformation. This transformation will be reflected in their personal lives, relationships, business and career.
  • Are you ready to step into the fullness of God’s purpose for you?
  • Do you want to unlock your spiritual potential and deepen your connection with God.
  • Do you feel stuck and unsure on how to build a consist relationship with Gpd?
  • Do you need accountability in your spiritual journey
Then this program is right for you

What is Covered

  • Spiritual Growth
  • Consecration
  • Identity in Christ
  • Building a “Word” life
  • A Lifestyle of Faith
  • A Lifestyle of Prayer
  • A Lifestyle of thanksgiving
  • Building a goldly family
  • Personal Transformation
  • Creating balance and boundaries
  • Transformed mindset
  • Overcoming procrastination
  • Overcoming self-limiting beliefs
  • Time management and productivity
  • Woman of Purpose
What you will benefit
  • Meetings once weekly for insight sessions
  • Accountability check-in every other week.
  • Robust resources for studying (both visual and audio)
  • Free access to mastermind sessions
  • A community of like-minded women where you can be inspired and grow
$150 covers materials and resources.

Brunch and Mastermind Group

This is an engaging and empowering session for women. It combines a casual atmosphere and a structured and collaborative discussion session. 

Wh should you join? it's an opportunity to:

  • Connect with like-minded women in a relaxed and casual setting.
  • Engage in structured discussions to explore important topics and gain fresh perspectives.
  • Share your experiences, insights, and challenges with a supportive community.
  • Collaborate with others to brainstorm solutions and strategies for success. Sign up today and embark on a journey of empowerment, connection, and growth.

SparkHer Shift

“SparkHer Shift” embodies a program dedicated to sparking positive and transformative changes in the lives of the young girls it coaches and mentors through biblical principles and practical guidance methods.
The program empowers young girls with Godly principles, molding them into well-rounded individuals. We foster spiritual, mental, and emotional growth, helping them navigate the crucial years of adolescence. Our core objective is to instill values and ethics that serve as a strong foundation for a successful and purposeful life.

Online Bible Study

We meet on the 2nd and Last Saturday of the month.

One on One Support session? '