Are you currently on the path that God wants you to be on or are you being pushed in the direction that people, friends, family, your mind or social media are pointing you to?

Many times, as humans we get drowned with noises externally that we fail to listen to our inner witness. For this reason, we have brought ourselves under unnecessary pressure, self-inflicted I will choose to call it. We allow people, social media influence our decisions, and actions.

Many times, it is a subtle influence, and we get so drowned in it, before we realize how much we are not following in his plan and purpose.

But the good thing is that it is never too late to make a 180-degree turnaround. A great man once said, “no matter how far you have gone in a wrong direction you can always make a turn in the right direction.”

It makes no sense to be headed to the destination for the United states and enter a plane heading to Paris. 

You can always realize that you missed your way and make a u turn in the right direction.

Take time to have an honest conversation with yourself asking you those reality questions and be honest in your answers.

Your answer should take you to asking God for His grace to end those things you started that have put you under pressure, whatever it is and then to fix yourself in his will.

There is so much peace and no pressure when you are in His will and plan.

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