WORDS (2 KINGS 4:8-36)

This story is about the Shunan woman, she was barren and did not have a child, but she was committed to serve the prophet Elijah. She made him a room and anytime he came into the city, he had a room prepared for him to stay by this woman.

The prophet was moved to reward her for her kindness, and he asked her, through his servant what can I do for you, he recommended speaking kindly on her behalf, but she objected. Sometimes we get comfortable in our place of failure, disappointment, we have given up on trying or trusting God and afraid that we may be disappointed again. This was the case of the Shunan woman, she was a very positive person, but this aspect of her life (childbearing) for her was a closed case. Remember with God there is no closed case.

The prophet moved with compassion, spoke a word over her, and it came to pass. She had a son. But the son died after a brief illness, she however was a woman who had understood the power of her words, so she never corroborated the circumstance by calling out what had happened.

When she was asked by her husband if the boy was well, remember he was already dead, she responded he was well, she was calm in the situation and headed to Elisha. When she arrived and was asked if all was well, her response was it is well.

She kept declaring her expectation. Often, we are very quick to speak negatively forgetting that the scriptures say he shall have whatsoever he says (Mark 11:22-24). There is tremendous power in our words, the scripture says the power of life and death is in the tongue (Prov.18:21), same energy we utilize in saying the positive is same power we use for negative word so why not channel it towards the positive and cooperate with what God has said concerning us.

The shunan woman did not tell anyone what had happened, not even her husband because she did not need anyone corrupting her faith and expectation.

I want to encourage you that no matter how neck deep you are in a bad circumstance do not cooperate with it by speaking negatively. 

Choose your words, you can determine the outcome if you stay consistent and also trust in God.

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